Steps to Improve your Mood!
Keeping fresh flowers in the home or office has an immediate postitive effect on your mood., claim researchers at Rutgers University in New Jersy. They found that men who keeps flora close produce more smiles and demonstrate increased eye contact in conversation that those who didn't.. Flower power doesn't stop there: A study at the University of Bristol found that exposure to friendly soil bacteria can lighten your mood by blostering your immune system.Squeamish that flowers are too girly? Well, bonsai trees can give you all the mood-boosting benefits of playing with plants and mud. Or you can choose a potted plant-research as Kansas State university found that being in an environment with living plants reduces stress, which in turn lowers pain perception. Your best bet: A low-maintainance ferm or palm.


Artificial Bright light is effective in the treatment of depressive symptoms, including weight gain ( clinical obesity) and hypersomnia, according the University of Helsinki. Recent research shows that the lighting in your room or office is a type of sensory stimulation that influences your performance."Light effects mood and alertness by shutting down the production of melatonin, the sleep inducer," says Dr. Pierce J Howard, author of The Owner's Manual for the Brain. Doctors recommend the cheering effects of light boxes, but it makes sense to invest in some comtemporary lighting design and yellow CFL light bulbs


Researchers at Duke University have found that just half an hour of outdoor exercise three times a week can combat symptoms of depression as effectively as any antidepressant. Granted, its the fresh air rather than the rain thats at work here, but that shouldn't stop you if you 're properly equipped.So pick up a sporty weather-proof jacket that will keep you dry in the heaviest downpour and you are ready to experience your childhood again. In fact, research has shown that if you do things that remind you of the good, fun times, you are more likely to bust a bad mood quickly ( right state of body and mind for achievement).


According to nutritionists around the globe, fish boosts the brain, heart and nervous system and also fires up a happy mood. Most sea fish have pigment known as Omega-3 fatty acid which is the major ingredient in boosting the brain or simply memory."The protein decreases the Gl of a meal, thus preventing mood swings,"says Carina Norris, a nutritionist who's studied the effects of fish-based diet for years. If you can pack in three servings of salmon or mackerel per week, you are on your way to emotional plain sailing. Also, studies have found that cyclists who took fish oil for eight weeks had lower heart rates and consumed less oxygen during intense cycling. So that means you can go faster as well! Can't stand the stuff or the smell? Well, opt for fish oil capsules that pack goodnes without any of the fuss.

[Note: Eat fish as fresh as possible cz fish kept for a few days leads to damaged fats that turn good HDL cholesterol bad. A salmon serving in the evening helps you win your night perk, and few mg of omega-3 abd omega-6 gives you an immunity boost]


Monotony can make you bore and sad, undervalue things and even mess up your mood for days, say psychologists. So, make like a bird and instead of flying south for the winter, just fly. Sitting on your sofa with your fav. sports channel or serial is unlikely to perk you up, but a short trip might. Pack up your stuffs and a pair of tracks into an ego-enhancing new set of luggage, and book a week of unlimited fun to top up your mood. Travelling is also a great form of learning and perceiving new things so just head towards without any delay. travelling for a short time take break can fill so much potential in you that you can double speed your work after being back....

[ Source: Men's Health journal-partially edited and picturized by me, ]

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