Power of Prayer

Now I am going to discuss in another topic which is bit related to spiritualism but not spiritualism as a whole, so I put this topic as different one. In our day to day life, there might not be a single person out of this world who does not pray no matter his/her kind and host of “praying to” can be different. For some it can be GOD, for some it can be their INTUTION or PSYCHIC, and for some it can be SELF RESPECT or SELF CONFIDENCE, I mean the medium for whom or what we “pray to” and “pray for” can be different.
Majority of peo
ple only pray when they are in trouble, as like being stuck in exam or presentation etc (these examples were based according to me as being a student).
Here I am going to put forth one devastating example of pray from heart.
Pratikshya Josi, an entrepreneur-engineer based in Kathmandu. But just one month before her 3rd-yr engineering exams, her mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. Much of her time was spent in accompanying her for radiation and other treatment, and she was left with only 10 days to study by the time the treatment was accomplished. She recalls: “My mom remarked that cz of her I would miss a year. I assured her that it would not be so and prayed to God fervently to allow me to pass so that my mom would not feel guilt on my account. I studied hard for the time class with distinction! I’d managed to excel against all odds.”This is just one incident which somehow describes the power of prayer; there are lots of other incidents which are to be discussed later. Now furthering the topic, let’s start from---
What is Prayer?Prayer has been verily described.’ Communication with God via single-minded devotion’. It is the most ancient as well as the simplest expressions of religion. It is also universal, we can’t think of culture or society where prayer doesn’t exist. ‘The words of sages, sheers and prophets are prayers’. ‘Prayer is an act of Thanks-giving, a feeling of surrender- that there is a power beyond me’.’ It is a confirmation of your faith in a divine power’.’ Spiritual connection with something higher’.
Prayer is different from meditation, which progressively quietens the mind.
Muslims pray to ALLAH, the transcendent God, HINDUS pray to BHAGWAN, and CHRISTIAN pray to Jes
us, or to Mother Mary, BUDDHIST pray to BHAGWAN GAUTAMA BUDDHA, as I have explained earlier, the medium or host for whom we pray for or to is different but the resultance we will achieve or the objective of our pray to all of them are peace of mind, prosperity, wealth, health normally.
Why should one pray?
Distress, despair and ill-health can strike and paralyze anyone. More, if friends, family, counselors and not even doctors are unable to help, who do your turn to? This is the opening to prayer providence you. Prayer is depending on God for help in distress and grief. It gives an opportunity to God to comfort the devotee. Prayer lightens the heaviness of your heart by opening it to god. Prayer is expecting God to decide what is best for you when you are in dilemma.
“The first rule in prayer is to approach God only with legitimate desires. The second is to pray for their fulfillment, not as a beggar, but as a son” –(Paramhansa Yogananda)
( to be contd...)
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