Image Streaming!!
Image Streaming is one o
f the successful method for originating and maintaining the co-ordination of brain. It is discovered by Win Wenger.It not only increases the memory retention ability but instead it
reates a neural pathway which is responsible for quick decision making, problem solving tasks.
This method draws on the spectacular intelligence and speed of out subliminal mind, which produces a flow of images on the edge of our consciousness


Close your eyes for a while and look at whats flowing by. If you must, ask for pictures. Open your eyes for a moment, take couple of deep breaths then again close your eyes now for 10-20 minutes, des
cribe aloud whats streaming by or whatever images is flowing by your mind just describe it ALOUD. Go with it anywhere the images lead. Be an inspired reporter covering a fast-breaking event to her listeners. With as much texture and sensual details as possible, get that picture across. Feel the images via all your senses. If you are alone, talk to your tape recorder. Practice until you've racked up as least ten sessions.
But the description must be aloud. Without it, profit from this program is null. Reporting the mental movies with feel is an entertaining way to sharpen observation and language skills. But the real magic springs from what Wenger calls "pole- bridging'. Describing aloud prompts wider hooks between our speech centers on the far left side and imagery centers of the right side or pole of our brain. These in turn link to deeper, less concious level of mind.

Once you have become practiced streamer, put this technique to accomplish real work like to grasp a textbook or lecture, a professional article, a piece of literature or reviewing a business discussion. Pause and ask the stream to give you images that will clarify and keynote the topic for you. What comes up may seem to be totally out of field. But keep it in mind as you go and you'll probably find it does turn up the lights and help you own the topic. Use the same technique to gain consolidating insight on many different topics. link all the subjects you are learning in your lectures, all the disparate topics to be presented at a board meeting.
Try streaming your problems away. To problem solve or the make a difficult concept of your own, Wenger suggests you make a tape. State the problem or concept as clearly as possible. After three minutes of silence, insert a signal----clink a glass or tap a pencil. Signal again after 3 more minutes, and once again after 3 minutes to end. Now relax for sometime and play back the tape. After you hear the problem posed, ask the stream for a solution and describe it aloud. When the signal sounds, thank your unconscious and ask for totally different stream for a solution bearing images referring to the same answer. And again, after the next signal. Afterward to clarify your answer, find the common thread running throught the three different sets of imagery.
(to be contd.)...
Dealing when someone You Love Dies!

(Comforting words to help you in tough time)

--- Life is going smoothly fine. All your wishes are getting fulfilled, then suddenly , one day, the unthinkable and
unexpected happens: Someone very close to you, someone who means more than anyone or anything in the world,
someone you can't imagine living without leave you alone in this world! making your entire world upside down in
grief and sadness.. Firstly, you can't believe this truth." This really isn't happening " you keep telling yourself over
and over. Its a bad dream, right?Your senses stop to work, only the sensation of fear,grief, madness left. Suicidal tendencies can arise as you have
lost your whole world, simply your life is only living but is dead indeed. But, after some duration you come to know
that the reason for yuo feeling like this is true or real but not the dream or a nightmare...And at all once, you are hit with these weird and scary emotions, You feel sad, sick, angry, scared, lost at the very
same time.You just wanna cry or scream. Or just crawl into the bed and sleep for months and months. You will feel like you are
never gonna feel ok again.Even though it may be hard to believe, you will feel better. Little by little, the sadness you are feeling will get smaller
and smaller. And after some period you will smile again. It won't happen right away but it will happen, this might be
the very reason why TIME is said to be the greatest healer of all time....
Here are some of the tips mentioned to make it very clear..

.Act slowly or take things slowly
- Every individual reacts differently to different reactions or emotions and for this condition some people cry. Some
just get quite as if they were deaf or unable to speak from their birth. Others act all giddy and weird, even though
they're hurting inside. And each of this reactions is completely normal. You just have to go with your feelings. " My
grandfather and my best fren died in an accident says David, 29, from Texas." I couldn't show any emotions. For a
long time, I beat myself up thinking i wasn't a caring person. But eventually , i realised that i just had a different way
of showing my feelings. You dont have to show it all outside."Dont rush things. Think and feel your grief as a deep cut. Its not gonna heal overnight or just by a magical wand
right? so it takes time-- not just days, weeks, but months and sometimes years ( depends on the concentration of
relational bond you have with him/her). But as each day passes, you will hurt less. But remember--- it may not
disappear forever. Grieving comes and goes. You may be feeling perfectly okay for months, then one day, you will
be joking around with frens, and in the middle of funny story, you'll break out into sobs.Or, you will hear a song in
the radio that reminds you of a trip you took with the person who died, or get a whiff of a perfume she used to
wear....Simply, you can never forget your whole life cz the things related to you and him/her is always wandering
near you

Take it out

At first, you might be tempted to keep your feelings inside or hide it from others. Don't. Not talking or pretending to
feel well is just fake and it wont make the pain disappear instead it can make you more vulnerable to mental
maladies like depression, bipolar disorder etc. ( Trust: the more you try to force your pain inside, the more it will try
to get out). But confiding in someone can make all that stuff you are carrying around seem less heavy.Your frens, companions, collegues or relatives wanna help you, but since they are not in your situation, they might
be not sure of what to do and say. Do not mis-interprete or misjudge this as them being cold. Just let them know what
exactly you are in need. You might wanna talk about the person who died or simply just wanna get hug!

Confront your feelings

Death was never fair, is not fair and will never be fair to human race, so its obvious for you to feel angry about what
has happened. You might blame the doctors who were caring for your loved ones, or your might be angry with
Almighty himself for " letting things go so bad or happened so bad". Its okay to be angry in this condition but its not
okay to vent angerness to self or others. So learn to express your intense feelings in a way that wont hurt others or
self just try to manage it instead of controlling. Release tension by going for a walk or try some meditation, its hard
but one day you need to start things so try. Guilt is something else you might be feeling. Maybe you got into a
heinous fight with you best friend before she died. Or you feel bad because you didn't say" I love you" enough to
your mom. Now you feel yourself the worst person in this entire universe.Well, know this: You are not bad. When someone dies, everyone feels guilt about something ( like if you had done
this or that so he/she wont die), We all do and say things which we later wish we hadn't. But no one is perfect
indeed. Look, if you knew how things were going to turn out, or happen, you would have definitely done things
differently but no one knows the future so give yourself a break...If you just can't get over the guilt pangs, try this: Write a letter to the one who died, saying all the stuffs you wish you
had said or done earlier. You might even take it to the cemetery and read it out loud over the grave.

Make Memories

Find or create something that helps you to remember the person who died. Make a tape of songs he/she loved, special music he/she liked special portrait of her/his choice because the more you try to ignore his/her memories, the more they will come so try not to do that instead make it and take it positively. Record a song in his/her tribute which he/she liked the most. Carry a snap in your diary so that you can always feel that he/she is always with you. Put together a scrapbook of her life. These kind of remainders can help you to feel close to the person you've loved madly and lost badly. A good bye ceremony can also help. Buy a biodegradable hellium balloon, then using a permanant marker, write a special message to the person who died. Take it outside, and as you release it, imagine yourself letting go of your griefs and sorrows and sending love to the person who died, or even you can plant a tree in the name of him/her, this can be the best condolence for him/her so his/her soul rest in peace....

Get Help

Sometimes sadness turns into depression making you feel more exhausted that its hard to care about anything near you, you may even lose interest in the stuffs tht used to be your favorite. Suddenly you get lazy about your health, other relatives who are close to you, your career etc . If you are having this hard time, talk to the one very close to you, share your feelings ( Angriness increases by sharing, griefs decrease by sharing) . Dont be embarrased. it doesn't mean youa re weak or sick. Like i mentioned before think that you are hurted or injured now, and you are simply getting yourself help for your injury.

Last words

Losing someone close is probably hardest thing you'll ever have to go through. But this is the rule or law of nature which we all have to face one day. But as painfulas death is, it can actually teach you a really valuable lesson: how tuely precious and wonderful life is all about and how a person is valuable in your life. When you have memories, the person you lose never really die, but live on your mind and in your soul! GOD BLESS!!!
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