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Well,everyone might wanna know what actually is this terminology "SUPERLEARNING" states?Without sorting a bit time, i will define what is this....
is being defined differently to different people according to their experience, professions, attitudes where they have exercised and get benificiated by this power tool. Actually, this particular power is within us,inherited...we just need to open it up. Simply, for me as a student, superlearning is the technique which can boost my studying capability from 2-5 times faster with respect to increasing my retention power of any subjects i read. Superlearning is indeed a vast subject to be understood at a glance. We ju
st cant get nothing at all only reading articles like this.....because superlearning is not only based on theories, if we really need to get our destination, we need to practice the technique with loyalty, then only we can boost our potentials. We might be in misconception that ' superlearning' can only be helpful for students but but but, superlearning can be used by anyone no matter of his/her profession,caste,tribe,morals,values and beliefs. Not only it can boost your reading power, it has been proved that superlearning is helpful in many fields as like in sports, health improvements via various superlearning musics (50 beats/ minutes high frequency sound will be discussed later).Great personalities like Bill Clinton,John F Kennedy,Stefan Hawking etc practice superlearning. I can't mention all the benefits we can achieve from this tool as there are unlimited which i might also not know too. But some core techniques that vastly accelerate learning and brighten performance are summarized below.
-Get into a stres-free, "best" mindbody state for what you are doing.
-Absorb information in a paced, rhythmic way.
-Use music to expand memory, enerzize the mind, and link to your subliminal or subconscious mind.
-Engage your whole brain, your senses, emotions, and imagination for peak performance.
-Become aware of blocks to learning and change, then flood them away.SupermemoryHow fast can you learn? There may not be a specific speed limit. The most straightforward, elegant use of superlearning ,one thats proved endlessly successful, is to lean back and learn facts,figures and languages quickly, at any age. Imagine how you would you feel with a solid grasp of a necessary subject if you could do that without crowding your time duration. Mastering subjects is as like a practical forum of firewalking- once you prove to yourself what you are capable of , old limitations can fall across the board. how would you accelerate your learning science, for instance or maths? you can do it the way university students did in Japan, or you can do it home alone as like Brian Hamilton who did in United States. Brian Hamilton, resident of New-york City proved to himself that it works rather smart enough.Hamilton has passed his ten years since he won his masters degree in social science and became a therapist. Now he is working in Columbia University. He mentioned," I felt a little rusty, sort out of the rhythm of studying",Hamilton admits," I was getting B minuses, but i wanted to do better Two weeks before midterms, Superlearning, which i'd bought but never read, literally fell off the shelf at my feet. I went through it all in one night and thought , why not?" Hamilton himself made some trigonometry tapes focusing on "identities", something he had to know for his exams ( For step by step guide of how to create a superlearning program, you need to visit this blog most oftenly) During study sessions, Hamilton took a few minutes to get into a "best state" for learning facts and figures. He relaxed his body to a place of deep comfort, calmed and centered his mind using full-sensed imagination; then he gave himself a few rousing positive affirmations. Ready to learn, he switched on his tape. Hamilton heard information pulsing to him in a specific rhythm: four seconds of silence. He breathed along in sync. He held his breath when something was said, breathed in an out during the pauses. Adding to the rhythmic effect, information was spoken in three different voice intonations.---normal; soft and conspiratorial; loud and commanding----cycling over and over. Once through, Hamilton put down the script he'd been following and turned on a superlearning Music tape.He stretched out and closed his eyes. Then he head the exact same lesson over again, this time backed with special 60-beat-minute BAROQUE MUSIC [ will be defined in coming posts regarding relation between music and mind and how far can music take you]. As soothing strings sounds flooded around him, Hamilton let his mind float easily between trigonometry and the tightly structured harmonics of BACH. That was it. Getting in the right state of body and mind for whatever you are doing. Imbibe data in a highly suggestive and rhythmic way backed by special music as like baroque. This is the heart of superlearning which pumps mush of the spectacular speed-up. Some people just relax and listen to this particular music while they hear or read data. That brings good results too, but you probably have to beat with the full rhythm of the system to unfold supermemory.

How fast can you learn? There may not be a speed limit.Occasionally people sizzle along ten times faster and still remember what they have learned. The most straightforward, elegant use of Superlearning, one that's proved endlessly successful, is to lean back and learn facts, figures and languages quickly at any age.
Imagine how you would feel with a solid grasp of a necessary subject if you could do without crowding your time.Or, kick of finally getting a handle on something you've always wanted to know. Mastering subjects is like a practical form of Firewalking- once you prove to yourself what you are capable of, old limitations can fall across the borad. How would your accelerate learning science, for instance, or math? You can do it the way university students did in japan, you can do it alone at home. The main theme or backbone of superlearning is that "you learn faster cz you remember better"
Imbibe data in a suggestive, highly rhythmic way backed by very specific music, this is the heart of superlearning that pumps much of the spectacular speed-up. Some people just relax and listen to the music while they read or hear data. That even brings good result.
The first time we heard of supermemory beyond tabloid ads, it was whistling along under its scientific name hyperamnesia. Hyperamnesia, the fascinating opposite of amnesia ( loss of memory). Hyperamnesia, allows the world-class memory you already possess to emerge. Everything that has ever happened to you lives in you somewhere ( might be in ya subliminal mind). The trick is to retrieve what you have perceived.Superlearning is designed to fix information in memory with few repetitions. Experience shows, too, that as you learn specific subjects, over time the effect globalizes and your whole memory strengthens.
( to be contd.....)
[Source: Superlearning 2000- Sheila Ostrander, Nancy, Lyon Schroider]

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