Hypnotism Practical
First of all, its necessary for everyone of us to know what actually is hypnotism? Hypnotism is a splendid science derived from Greek word Hypnos which means sleep. It was firstly introduced in the west by an Austrian physician Dr. Freidrich Anton Mesmer and particularly known as Mesmerism at that time. He propounded the theory that a “Cosmic Fluid” could be stored in lifeless objects like magnets, and can be transferred to patients to cure them of their ailments. It is as old as human mind. It makes a person to relax and enjoy trance like state known as hypnosis simply. But in east it was being practiced by sheers and shadhus ( in India and Nepal) from the very early time. Modern science may not be able to accept this as a pure science but even can’t reject and deny its existence.
And in these days, medical experts have come to regard it as a powerful tool to treat mental maladies (with the help of animal magnetism and auto-suggestion, later will be described in detail). Intensive research has been conducted in this discipline over the past hundred years. Hypnotism is establishing itself more and more outstandingly as a valuable property to traditional methods of diagnosing and treating psychological as well psychosomatic illness and to eliminate negative social habits which keep human backward always like inferiority complex, smoking, overeating, nail biting, drug addiction, irrational fears and phobias etc.
Anyone with an jot of interest can learn this magnificent science so as to develop self from all ways and to give the best in their field they endeavor. As Milton rightly quoted in his Paradise Lost “The mind in its own place, and it itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven”. A person can give a negative or positive suggestion to his subconscious mind. The society in which we live bombards us continually with all types of suggestions and confuses the average man, leads him to fear, worry, anxiety, excitement, jealousy, anger, ego and other psychological disturbances which not only ruins his/her social prestige but also damage his/her life completely.
(to be contd..)
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