Image Streaming!!
Image Streaming is one o
f the successful method for originating and maintaining the co-ordination of brain. It is discovered by Win Wenger.It not only increases the memory retention ability but instead it
reates a neural pathway which is responsible for quick decision making, problem solving tasks.
This method draws on the spectacular intelligence and speed of out subliminal mind, which produces a flow of images on the edge of our consciousness


Close your eyes for a while and look at whats flowing by. If you must, ask for pictures. Open your eyes for a moment, take couple of deep breaths then again close your eyes now for 10-20 minutes, des
cribe aloud whats streaming by or whatever images is flowing by your mind just describe it ALOUD. Go with it anywhere the images lead. Be an inspired reporter covering a fast-breaking event to her listeners. With as much texture and sensual details as possible, get that picture across. Feel the images via all your senses. If you are alone, talk to your tape recorder. Practice until you've racked up as least ten sessions.
But the description must be aloud. Without it, profit from this program is null. Reporting the mental movies with feel is an entertaining way to sharpen observation and language skills. But the real magic springs from what Wenger calls "pole- bridging'. Describing aloud prompts wider hooks between our speech centers on the far left side and imagery centers of the right side or pole of our brain. These in turn link to deeper, less concious level of mind.

Once you have become practiced streamer, put this technique to accomplish real work like to grasp a textbook or lecture, a professional article, a piece of literature or reviewing a business discussion. Pause and ask the stream to give you images that will clarify and keynote the topic for you. What comes up may seem to be totally out of field. But keep it in mind as you go and you'll probably find it does turn up the lights and help you own the topic. Use the same technique to gain consolidating insight on many different topics. link all the subjects you are learning in your lectures, all the disparate topics to be presented at a board meeting.
Try streaming your problems away. To problem solve or the make a difficult concept of your own, Wenger suggests you make a tape. State the problem or concept as clearly as possible. After three minutes of silence, insert a signal----clink a glass or tap a pencil. Signal again after 3 more minutes, and once again after 3 minutes to end. Now relax for sometime and play back the tape. After you hear the problem posed, ask the stream for a solution and describe it aloud. When the signal sounds, thank your unconscious and ask for totally different stream for a solution bearing images referring to the same answer. And again, after the next signal. Afterward to clarify your answer, find the common thread running throught the three different sets of imagery.
(to be contd.)...
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